elaborationlove (elaborationlove) wrote in scarlet_serpent,

Title: Potions vs. History
Team Name: Death Eather.
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Challenge(s): Medal
Characters: Severus, Hermione, OMC
Author's Notes: It's been awhile.


“Daddy! Daddy! Look what I’ve got!”

“It seems you did rather well then,” Severus lifted his child onto his hip, examining the Second Place Potions Medal.

Hermione followed in the door shortly after, and stuck her hip out. Jasper ran off, eager to somehow attach his new achievement on his wall.

“You were hoping he’d be a history buff, weren’t you?” he laughed.

“Can you blame me?” she grinned.

“More money in potions.”

“More morality in history.”

“He is a Slytherin, is he not?” Severus reminded her, twisting a lock of her hair.

“I still think that hat is rigged.”

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